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A key reason why our political system is so dominated by the two major parties is that they are backed financially by their friends in big business or the union movement. We are a grassroots movement; our power is in the strong community that backs us, the ever growing volunteer pool now exceeding 500 people and the intangible power of the community networks that we, as locals, are embedded in. But there are basic areas where competing with our opponents requires money. We don't have big business or the union movement, we only have you. If enough people chip in we can take on the big parties and win.

Donating here on the website by credit card is the fastest and easiest way to contribute to the campaign. However if you would prefer to donate via cheque or direct deposit, the details are as follows:

Account name: Cathy McGowan

BSB: 640 000

Account: 598025s10

Cheques can be made out to Cathy McGowan and either brought into one of our offices or by mail to 117 Murphy St, Wangaratta, 3677.

Political donations will be tax deductible for individuals up to the limit of $1500 in any given financial year.   People or organisations making donations in excess of the $12,400 must lodge a donor return to the Australian Electoral Commission.

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GOAL: $150,000.00
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